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Ticketing Tips

Weekend Tickets

Want to come on a weekend? For best availability on Saturdays have a look at concert dates from October 2022, and from August 2022 for concerts on Sundays.

Weekday Tickets

Looking for tickets during the week? For best availability on Thursdays & Fridays have a look at concert dates from September 2022, and from August 2022 for concerts on Mondays.

Ticket Types

Dance Floor

Get closer to the action with our Dance Floor tickets. These tickets are for standing (or dancing) only, so you’ll be closer to the stage than anyone else and free to dance anywhere within the area.

Auditorium Seating

Choose from a wide variety of seats at a range of different prices depending on where you’d like to sit. Pricing is based on the location of the seats, but every seat is a good one.

Dance Booths

We have eight Dance Booths in total, four for up to 10 people and four for up to 12 people. Each booth named after people from the ABBA universe. These are flexible spaces, so you can book individual seats in a booth, or book one or more whole booths for your party. Each booth has seating for all, plus your very own dance floor.

Accessible Seating

Our arena has plenty of wheelchair spaces and seats suitable for wheelchair users to transfer into. Each is adjacent to a companion seat that’s free of charge. Like all our tickets, these wheelchair and ambulant positions are available to book online, but If you have any specific access needs or requirements that you would like to discuss, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Hotel Packages

We have a variety of convenient hotel and concert ticket packages to choose from, with hotels available both close to the venue and across London.

Concert Times

Saturday3pm and 7:45pm
Sunday (until 02.10.22)3pm and 7:45pm
Sunday (from 03.10.22)1pm and 5pm

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