More tickets have just been released and ABBA Arena has plenty of ticket choices so you can have the time of your life on the dance floor, party in style in your own dance booth or have the option of a seat in the auditorium if you prefer. Tickets are available for all concerts until 29 January 2024.

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All tickets are currently available to book online via

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Like all our tickets these are also available to book online. However, if you require any assistance with making your booking please contact us at [email protected]

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The ABBA Arena has a wide variety of seated, standing & accessible tickets, take a look below for more information.

Choose from a wide variety of seats at a range of different prices depending on where you’d like to sit. Pricing is based on the location of the seats, but every seat is a good one.

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Get closer to the action with our Dance Floor tickets. These tickets are for standing (or dancing) only, so you’ll be closer to the stage than anyone else and free to dance anywhere within the area.

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We have eight Dance Booths in total, four for up to 10 people and four for up to 12 people. Each booth is named after people from the ABBA universe. These are flexible spaces, so you can book an individual ticket, or book one or more whole booths for your party. Each booth has seating, plus your very own dance floor.

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The ABBA Arena has plenty of wheelchair spaces, ambulant seats and seats suitable for a wheelchair user to transfer into. All of these seats and spaces must be booked in advance and are clearly marked on our seating plan. 

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From March

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Tickets from £55

Available from June

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Dancing Tickets

Best Dancefloor availability is from February

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Frequently Asked Questions

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